There is enough space in our central mast play structures for a number of children to enjoy the thrill of playing at great heights simultaneously.

Our Polygodes are available in three basic forms, each varying in its number of anchor points. Both the Tetragode and Trigode models exhibit classic, architecturally influenced lines. The Trigode’s rope net is anchored into the ground at three points, whereas – as its name suggests – the Tetragode extends from the central mast outwards in four directions to create its play space.

The shape of the Pentagode offers even more space in which to climb. Its pagoda-like proportions lend an exotic touch to any playscape. Its umbrella-like spreader bars extend outwards from the central steel mast, supporting five double guy ropes and giving the apparatus its characteristic appearance. This pentagonal form creates an especially large space in which to climb.


Central mast play structures with a five-way tensioning system that offer plenty of room to play right to the top.



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